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Our Exceptional & Well Trained Staff

Smiling Receptionist At The Clinic

We have the largest group of experienced and highly trained therapists to provide individualized direct or virtual therapy in Illinois. The majority of our staff has at least 10 years of experience as a vision therapist.   

Our exceptional, highly trained, experienced staff is our greatest asset. They are excited about what they do and they care personally about getting the best results for our patients.

Our receptionists will try to accommodate your busy schedule by finding appointments that suit your needs.


Our Two Specialist Doctors

Dr. Margolis and Dr. Sorenson


Reception: The people you talk with every time you call

Jackie A. and Misty M.


Our Opticians: They will help you find eyewear that suits your face or your lifestyle

Silvia B. and Crystal C.


Insurance: Need help with your insurance? Speak with one of our coordinators

Diane J., Linda G. and Diane M.


Patient/professional communications

Judy K.


Come in to meet one of our 10 highly-trained Vision Therapists