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Dr. Margolis has a unique and specialized skill that assesses a person’s visual field. Importantly, the term "visual field"  is not the same as "someone’s vision". This is the critical difference that most of us don’t appreciate. Optometrists generally focus on your vision/eyesight. Dr. Margolis’ assessment is much broader. He gathers detailed information on how a person's brain processes visually-based sensory inputs. This then determines how someone understands where they are in relationship to physical space, which impacts your whole life.

A few of the areas impacted by our visual field include: our ability to gauge distances, our understanding of how to move around objects, our ability to ride a bike, our ability to follow words on a page, our sense of where our car is relative to another parked car, etc.  Its reach is pervasive. Strengthening one’s visual field and correcting any impairments can literally change someone’s life.

- Maureen H.