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Thankful we went here and Dr. M was absolutely incredible! Such kind staff and nothing was rushed what so ever. thank you so much and 10/10 would recommend anyone post stroke to see dr M!!!!!
2 weeks ago
- Kamila A.
I highly recommend this place for vision therapy. Dr. DeStefano is a wonderful doctor. My son loves him very much. His way of communication makes patients so relieved. I often communicated with him by email, and he promptly replied. I truly appreciate this encounter.
2 months ago
- Sachi M.
We had the most amazing, fun, and thorough exam with Dr. Mike. Our son, Bobby, didn't want to leave. What a wonderful way to start doctor's visits. Jackie was professional and courteous, to us, from the moment we came in contact with Visual Symptoms Treatment Center. Thank you, so very much, Dr. Mike and Jackie. We will be back. 5 out of 5.
2 months ago
- Rachel D.
I highly recommend Visual Symptoms Treatment Center. Dr. DeStefano is very knowledgeable and professional. He truly cares for all his patients and is very passionate about his profession. The entire is also great and very friendly.
3 months ago
- Javier
The entire experience with the staff and doctors at Visual Symptoms Treatment Center has been nothing but wonderful. Jackie is simply amazing! Lindsay and Joy are so patient and helpful. Dr. Margolis' methods and treatment plans are suitable for persons of any age and he knows how to explain things without leaving you wanting to grab a copy of "Vision Symptoms for Dummies." However, the biggest star on staff is Dr. Mike DeStefano. Each therapy session we had with him was interesting, fun, motivating and he truly wanted to see my child happily succeed. Thanks, Dr. DeStefano!
4 months ago
- Char P.
I highly recommend The Visual Symptoms Treatment Center. The staff is very professional and friendly. Dr. Margolis did a great job to evaluate my daughter’s symptoms, and Dr. DeStefano has worked with my daughter like no other doctor before. It’s a pleasure to watch the doctor who is so passionate about his job. I didn’t expect that vision therapy would help my child so fast. I only wish they could accept the insurance that would help cover the expenses. I think that more people should be aware of the great possibilities The Visual Symptoms Treatment Center doctors offer.
4 months ago
- Magdalena N.
I had the pleasure of seeing Dr Mike Destefano with my fiancé. I have to say, never have I seen such professionalism and thoroughness as Dr Destefano conducted himself throughout both of our exams. He is truly a cut above the rest as far as optometrists go and I will be returning for further treatment under his care. I highly recommend seeing him if you are in need of vision therapy or just a yearly check up! Thank you Dr Destefano! 🙂
8 months ago
- Patrick S.