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Dr. Margolis and his team are amazing! After our son went years with an undiagnosed vision issue, Dr. Margolis diagnosed it immediately and developed a comprehensive vision therapy plan for him. Although it was a long road, the results have been incredible. Dr. Margolis has built an amazing rapport with our son over the years through positive feedback and encouragement. He is clearly an expert in his field who takes deep interest in helping his patients overcome their challenges. In addition, his vision therapists have been kind and helpful. We highly recommend Dr. Margolis and his team.
- Suzanne N.
Going to this place for vision therapy has overall been positive. I have enjoyed all of the wonderful therapists ( especially Ann) , enjoyed seeing Dr. Margolis, and overall it has been a fantastic experience for therapy. The front desk seems a little hectic since the policies seem to be out of date. Switching to automatic reminders, text reminders, and calendar invites could cut down a lot on this how hectic the facility it. I also think an automatic online bill payment would be useful to cut down on time spent or even a chip reader the customer could use.But overall the front desk people are quite kind. While it has been difficult to deal with my insurance company with payments ( blue cross), Jen has been really helpful and has taken quite a bit of time to help me receive my maximum benefits. Which I really appreciate .
- Garrett S.
I went to see Dr Margolis to get help with some vision issues, including vertigo. Dr Margolis was very thorough, listened carefully and provided practical solutions for me in addition to vision therapy which strengthened my vision and improved my vertigo. I highly recommend Dr Margolis and his team.
- Lisa T.
I had no idea why I was seeing double and experiencing so much fatigue, but Dr. Jay Margolis and my vision therapist at Visual Symptoms treatment center did an amazing job of getting me back on track. I had stopped reading and was primarily listening to books online. I could hardly read the paper or work on the computer. Everything kept moving and I became extremely fatigued. Dr. Margolis diagnosed me with convergence insufficiency and I worked with the most amazing therapist, Kristine Freund, at their center. She explained to me so clearly what was happening and designed quite innovative therapeutic activities. I did some homework between sessions, but Kristine really taught me how to use my eyes again. The fatigue has disappeared and I am so enjoying being able to read the newspaper, read books, and work on the computer with the same energy and clarity I used to have. I am just thrilled with the progress I made and very grateful.
- AnnMerle F.
My daughter is proof that vision therapy really works! The office staff are so nice and friendly. The Dr. And therapist's were great. I saw amazing results and would definitely recommend this office. The only negative thing i can think of is that we had to travel 1 hour each way for therapy. But the end results were worth it! Thank you Nancy and Dr. Margolis.
- sweisswasser
We have been patients of Dr Margolis for 21 years. We started seeing him when our child required vision therapy at a very young age. Dr. Margolis and his great team ensured a successful outcome. More recently I had a scare with my eye. I called Dr. Margolis's office and they were most accommodating. He saw me immediately, did a thorough exam and reassured me that there was nothing to be concerned about. Thank you!!
- S R.
I have been a patient of Dr. Margolis for about 20 years. His professionalism and knowledge is unsurpassed and I highly recommend him and his super friendly staff.
- Cedric R.