Paul Lederer, O.D., FCOVD |Eye Doctor | Vision Therapy Specialist

Paul Lederer, O.D., FCOVD |Exceptional Eye Doctor | Vision Therapy Specialist

Developmental and Rehabilitation Optometrist

Eye Doctor, Developmental Optometrist, Vision Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr. Paul Lederer, FCOVD, FAAO is a Developmental and Rehabilitation Optometrist practicing in the Chicago metro area. He has specialized his practice over the the last 28 years towards the evaluation and treatment of patients with binocular, oculomotor, visual/vestibular integration and visual field defects, as well as visual processing difficulties.

Board Certified in Vision Therapy and Visual Rehabilitation

Dr. Neil Margolis, FCOVD, FAAO is a Board Certified Fellow of both the College of Vision Development (FCOVD) as well as the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO).

Award-winning Eye Doctor and Clinician - Recognized for his Committment to Patient Care

Dr. Lederer is a recipient of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development’s G.N. Getman Award. The prestigious Getman award is presented to a developmentally-oriented optometrist who has demonstrated exceptional clinical expertise and excellence throughout many years of practice. “The recipient must demonstrate a personal and professional concern for all patients which exceeds all else.”

A National Expert on Vision Attention and Binocular Vision Disorders, such as Lazy Eye, Strabimus, and Convergence Insufficiency

Dr. Paul Lederer has spoken frequently in public and made numerous videos to raise awareness that binocular vision conditions can be mistaken for or misdiagnosed as attention deficit disorders, such as ADD / ADHD or learning disabilities. embed code below is for Dr. Lederer's video in the Optometrists Network video channel, offers share button on top, fullscreen option ~~>
See the Video: Dr. Paul Lederer speaks on Vision Attention, Attention Deficit Disorders and Binocular Vision Disorders

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