Neil Margolis, O.D., FCOVD |Eye Doctor | Vision Therapy Specialist

Eye Doctor, Developmental Optometrist, Rehabilitation Specialist

Neil Margolis, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO | Eye Doctor | Vision Specialist

Developmental and Rehabilitation Optometrist

Eye Doctor, Developmental Optometrist, Vision Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr. Neil Margolis, FCOVD, FAAO is a Developmental and Rehabilitation Optometrist practicing in the Chicago metro area. He has specialized his practice over the the last 28 years towards the evaluation and treatment of patients with binocular, oculomotor, visual/vestibular integration and visual field defects, as well as visual processing difficulties.

Board Certified in Vision Therapy and Visual Rehabilitation

Dr. Neil Margolis, FCOVD, FAAO is a Board Certified Fellow of both the College of Vision Development (FCOVD) as well as the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO).

Neuro Optometrist - Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr. Margolis is a recipient of the Advancement of Sciences Award for his contribution to the science of neuro-optometric rehabilitation. His paper on visual field deficits and spatial neglect have been repeatedly published. He is also a recipient of the annual award from the Illinois Pediatric Brain Injury Support Group.

Expert Eye Doctor on Multidisciplinary Care of Patient Following Brain Injury

Dr. Margolis is one of the contributing authors on a collaborative textbook on multidisciplinary care of the patient following brain injury, which has become the standard reference for student doctors and clinicians. Dr. Margolis is passionate about helping his patients achieve their goals, and studying functional neurology.

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