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Success Stories

Dr. DeStefano Worked with my son and did an absolutely amazing job. In just a short period of time my first grade son’s reading ability jumped up tremendously. All the work that Dr. DeStefano did directly impacted my son, in such a positive way. He now has lots of confidence reading and we owe it to Dr. DeStefano. Keep up the great work and thank you so much.
1 week ago
- Success T.
Dr Margolis and Dr. DeStefano are both incredibly intelligent and helpful. They explain things so that you can understand them. They evaluated me, set up a treatment plan, and helped me to begin recovery of a brain injury. Always encouraging and understanding, Dr. DeStefano was able to push my eyes and brain in new ways with each session. I was worried when I found out much of their case load is children but they both know how to work with adults too. If you ever find yourself in a place in life needing this kind of therapy this is the place to go.
3 weeks ago
- Kristie B.
Absolutely appreciated the kindness and care that was given by Dr. Margolis + his team. As well, Carol was beyond patient and truly helped with my care. Thank you so much! Very grateful!
1 month ago
- Dunphy, N.
We took our son to see Dr. Margolis when he was 7. Diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency and weaknesses in three areas of visual perception skills, our son was loosing his confidence and self worth, not reading well, and working 200 times harder than his peers to achieve results, and he was exhausted. We started therapy in the office to address his needs. Therapy combined with work at home was the remedy. After fixing his eyes Dr. Margolis sensed that he was having some decoding challenges even though our son was passing routine audiograms. Dr. Margolis recommend the best audiologist in the business and we found out that our son was not processing sound well, especially in noise. Because we fixed the eyes first and then went after the ears, we were able to figure out that he had Auditory Processing Disorder. Audio therapy and mild gain hearing aids after vision therapy changed our sons life. I thank God that Dr. Margolis encouraged us to follow this path and helped us to figure this out. Every referral he has given us has been spot on. He is connected to the best people. Our son would not be where he is today had we not started our journey with Dr. Margolis. I will never forget his comment that nothing is more important than a child's self worth and his confidence. We worked together to rebuild this in our son successfully. We highly recommend Dr. Margolis. He is passionate about his work and focused on helping his patients reach their potential.
3 months ago
- E
Thankful we found this place. Dr. M and Dr. D have both been absolutely incredible in my mother in laws vision journey post stroke. Such kind staff and nothing was rushed what so ever. The talent in unreal in this office and we are so thankful for both of the doctors and everything they have done for us.
5 months ago
- Kamila A.
I highly recommend this place for vision therapy. Dr. DeStefano is a wonderful doctor. My son loves him very much. His way of communication makes patients so relieved. I often communicated with him by email, and he promptly replied. I truly appreciate this encounter.
6 months ago
- Sachi M.
We had the most amazing, fun, and thorough exam with Dr. Mike. Our son, Bobby, didn't want to leave. What a wonderful way to start doctor's visits. Jackie was professional and courteous, to us, from the moment we came in contact with Visual Symptoms Treatment Center. Thank you, so very much, Dr. Mike and Jackie. We will be back. 5 out of 5.
6 months ago
- Rachel D.