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A Mom Shares Her Daughter’s Remarkable Transformation Through Vision Therapy

vt blog,imgFrom Shannon P.:

I am thrilled to share my daughter's incredible experience at the Visual Symptoms Treatment Center. From the moment we stepped into their office, we knew we were in good hands. The team at the center addressed our concerns about our 8-year-old daughter's reading difficulties and visual symptoms with utmost professionalism and care.

Initially, our daughter was struggling with reading, and we noticed her eyes jumping all over the page. It was challenging for her to focus, and she often needed a guiding finger to keep her on track. Concerned about her academic progress, we decided to have her evaluated at the Visual Symptoms Treatment Center.

During the evaluation, it became apparent that our daughter had multiple eye challenges that were affecting her ability to read and perform well in school. The team at the center recommended vision therapy once a week for an estimated duration of one year. They explained the process thoroughly, answering all our questions and alleviating any concerns we had.

>From the very first session, our daughter loved her time at the Visual Symptoms Treatment Center. The therapists were incredibly supportive, patient, and skilled at working with children. They created a warm and nurturing environment, making her feel comfortable and excited about each session.

As the months went by, we witnessed a remarkable transformation in our daughter's reading ability and school performance. Her dedication and the guidance of the therapists truly paid off. Surprisingly, she was able to graduate from vision therapy at the 9-month mark, three months earlier than the estimated duration! While we were thrilled with her progress, our daughter expressed sadness at leaving the therapy sessions.

To our surprise, she asked if she could continue attending vision therapy and graduate from tutoring instead. This request was a testament to the positive impact the Visual Symptoms Treatment Center had on her life. Their dedication to her progress and the nurturing environment had made her feel comfortable, valued, and motivated to continue her journey toward academic success.

Overall, our experience with the Visual Symptoms Treatment Center was nothing short of fantastic. The dedication and expertise of the therapists, combined with their genuine care for our daughter's well-being, surpassed our expectations. We are immensely grateful for the positive changes we have witnessed in our daughter, and we wholeheartedly recommend the practice to any parent seeking help for their child's visual challenges.

The Visual Symptoms Treatment Center has truly made a lasting difference in our daughter's life, and we couldn't be happier with the results.